Leadership Training Course

What is the Lionheart Leadership Program?

Our team believes that sports have the ability to develop leaders who are charismatic, dedicated, and committed to doing their best. This unique Leadership Program will be implemented daily and all players will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the camp.

We have shaped the Leadership Program to help children understand that leadership principles apply to all areas of life. Our team will instruct children on:

  • Tactics for setting and achieving personal and team goals.
  • Public speaking and how to inspire teammates in a positive manner.
  • Learning how to have respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches, parents, and referees.
  • Healthy competitive attitudes and keeping aggressive competitiveness in check.
  • Why it is important to be mentally and physically prepared.
  • The power of words and how they affect teammates.

The goal of Lionheart Leadership Sports Camp is to develop your child on and off the field—to give them the skills to succeed and accomplish all of their goals.