Learning Philosophy

We Make Learning Fun

When you enroll your child at Lionheart Fitness Academy, you are taking the first step to ensuring a high quality educational experience for your tot, while also placing value on their overall physical fitness and healthy well-being. Children will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning and interactive exercises, will participate in enrichment classes designed to challenge and excite them, and are guaranteed to build a healthy fitness mentality by our added importance on physical activity and nutrition. Through it all, your child will be happy, healthy, learning, and having fun!

A Foundation to Grow Upon

Children who are enrolled at the Lionheart Fitness Academy and Early Education Center will be provided with the distinctive occasion to excel and learn ahead of peers in their age group. Through child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, your little one’s thirst for learning will be addressed while they are encouraged to move and be active. The educators at the Lionheart Fitness Academy will help your child benefit physically and mentally during this exciting chapter of their lives, and establish the basis for a happy and confident outlook as they age. We are prepared to encourage your child and create a positive and nurturing foundation for success.