LionHeart Facility Program

Bring the magic of Lionheart fitness kids to your facility


Get ready to team up with the most powerful name in kids sports and fitness! As the creators of Lionheart Fitness Kids, our team understands what it takes to keep your local park, school, company, or health club facility operating ahead of the curve when looking to inspire empowerment and encourage physical activity in kids. Each year, thousands of children across the nation engage in LFK’s classes—making it the most popular indoor and outdoor youth fitness and nutritional program in America. When you become an Official Lionheart Fitness Kid Facility, you will not only be receiving the nation’s most sought out and comprehensive training certification program, you will also be provided the benefit of learning from years of experience from our top coaches. These committed individuals provide the highest level of program and marketing support in the area of children and youth fitness. Now is the time to join our mission and commit to making sure that every child in America has the necessary tools to keep them empowered and fit for life. As an Official LFK Facility you will receive the following benefits:

  • Facility Coaches Guidebook to help you launch and sustain a successful LFK program.
  • Marketing support, including access to flyers, form templates, and professional images and demonstrations
  • All necessary sports equipment to operate your LFK program.
  • Free listing in our online Facility Locator tool, a resource that is used by hundreds of website visitors every day.
  • Permission and explicit license to use the nation’s most-recognized Lionheart. Fitness Kids trademarks and logo.
  • Assistance with LFK online tutorials related to each sport program.
  • Ability to post events on our LFK monthly calendar.
  • And much, much more!

Contact us today to bring the nation’s leading kids sport and fitness program to your facility!