Franchise process

Lionheart Franchise Process

We are looking for some amazing, driven people who have a passion for helping kids, and a desire to run their own business. Join our team, and start a rewarding career you can be proud of! Make a great income, and be a child's hero!!!

The Lionheart franchise model provides all the necessary tools needed to start coaching Lionheart Fitness Kids classes and start making great additional revenue! From sports training to sales training to marketing support, client management and so much more! We’ve made the process as simple as possible to put you on the road to success!

Welcome future Franchisees!


  • We have spared no effort to make our franchise offer, easily the best opportunity on the market! We want to put young entrepreneurs in business for as little money possible, while giving them the greatest earning potential! We believe we have accomplished this, and then some! To make it easy for you, we have outlined the step by step process to become a Lionheart Franchisee.Check it out!
    • Go to the “Become A Franchisee” page and select the state you wish to operate your business in. If we are offering franchise opportunities in your state, just create a free account to start the on boarding process!
    • Once you have created your account you must firstfill out a brief application to determine eligibility. You will know immediately if you qualify to proceed……and don’t worry we have made the approval criteria very simple. We want to give this opportunity to everyone!
    • If approved, you will then download a digital copy of the Lionheart Franchise Disclosure Document. (FDD) and e-sign the signature page to confirm receipt of the document. You are not entering into a franchise agreement at this time. This is a very important legal document with pertinent information about the business opportunity Lionheart is offering.
    • Once the 14 day review period has passed youmay now purchase your franchise! Next, simply e-sign the franchise agreement and complete your paymentand that’s it! You are now ready to start the qualifying process!
    • Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming an LFK franchisee! Now that you have paid for your franchise, you still have to pass the qualifying process before you will be eligible to teach classes.
    • The FTC requires potential franchisees to wait 14 days before purchasing a franchise. Please read the FDD carefully.
    • Step 1. Pass our background check: To qualify to be a Lionheart franchisee you must pass a national background check through our partners at verified volunteers. Screening can take up to 7-10 business days.
    • Step 2. Take our pre-qualifying personality test: This test is used to determine your eligibility in becoming a Lionheart franchisee.
    • Step 3. Upload your intro video: Record a two-minute video introducing yourself to us. We have provided some questions we would like you to answer on camera. Be yourself and show us your passion for helping kids!
    • Step 4. Submit materials for Review: Once you have completed the above steps you must click the SUBMIT button on the dashboard, this will notify Lionheart admin that you have completed all the necessary steps in Level 1 and your materials are ready for review. IMPORTANT: If you do not Submit your materials Lionheart cannot review your work.
    • Step 5. Await first phase approval: You will be notified within 10 days whether you qualify to be a Lionheart franchisee. If approved, you will be sent an approval message and your account will automatically be upgraded to level 2 status. Now you will be granted access to your LFK training courses and you can begin your training!
    • Note: If you are not approved in the level 1 qualifying process you will receive a full refund of your franchisee fee. However, background screening fees are non-refundable.
    • Step 1. Start your Training. You may now start your coursework. The sooner you complete your training, the sooner you can start making money! Once you have completed your training there are only a few more steps to becoming a fully certified franchisee.
    • Step 2. Purchase at least one sports equipment package that you will use to run your first class. On average, sports packages are only about $100 bucks each!
    • Step 3. Purchase your Coaching Liability Insurance through our partners at Venbrook Insurance.
    • Step 4. Perform 10 Volunteer Classes: Now it’s time to put your training to the test. Franchisees are required to perform 5,30 minutevolunteer classes at a local YMCA. Lionheart has cultivated partnership with YMCA facilities nationwide that will allow you to do your volunteer classes. This will help you master your craft as well as help you make great connections in your community that could possibly lead to future business…..not to mention you’ll be helping kids that may not be able to afford a sports class.
    • Step 5. Finally, Upload a Video of yourself performing to camera a complete set of warm-ups, as well as two sports drills from your Coursework.
    • Once all of these steps have been completed the system will automatically upgrade your account to full access! You are now a Lionheart Fitness Kids franchisee! Now you post classes, search our facilities database, reserve accounts and sooo much more! You now have complete access to the amazing Pridelink platform!! It will blow you away! This best part is most of the training process can be done in the comfort of your own home!
    • If you reside in a “Deferred payment state”, California, Washington, Maryland, Indiana or Illinois and have not paid your franchisee fee yet, you will be required to complete this payment immediately before becoming an LFK franchisee.
  • Note: It is also important to be aware that even though it is LFK’S intent for every Franchisee to complete the Pride Development Training, in LEVEL 2 of the qualifying process, the event you are unable or unwilling to complete training with 90 days, LFK maintains the right to terminate the Franchise Agreement. If LFK terminates the Franchise Agreement during your training, you will be refunded fifty percent (50%) of your Initial Franchise Fee.
  • Well it’s that easy folks! We have made the process so simple there really is nothing left to do but get started! Take your life back, invest in YOUR future, and find out the many ways Lionheart fitness kids can help make your dreams a reality!!


The Lionheart Fitness Kids 4 part training process is designed to completely prepare our franchisees to be successful. Our training program has by far the highest standards in the industry. To become an LFK Certified Coach applicants must study and pass examinations with a grade of least 80% or better in :


LFK Primary Education

Consisting of early childhood development basics, injury prevention, policies & procedures & much more.


Practical Sports Training

Consisting of all drills for Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field, Birthday Parties and Demos.


Business Success Training

Consisting of Class and client management, setting demos, starting a business entity, selling 101 & much more.


10 On-The-Job Training Hours

As the final stage of Training, Franchisees must complete 10 volunteer hrs at a local YMCA teaching the Lionheart curriculum.

Our rigorous standards and intensive training ensures our instructors are truly the best in the business. Our award-winning curriculum has been developed by experts in the field of nutrition, early childhood development, and physical education…..Our training is the cornerstone of our success.


Background Screening Process

The background screening is provided through Verified Volunteers, one of the leading background check agencies in the country. Verified Volunteers follows the best practices in data security. All your personal information is kept private and safe.

Verified Volunteers allows you to share your background screening with multiple participating organizations, of your choice, as well as check your current status.

How long does it take? The background screening can take up to 7-10 business days to process. If the background screening is submitted on the weekend or during the holidays, the processing time will be delayed.

What are the background check factors that would result in an applicant being ineligible to receive a LFK Coach Certification? LFK will review and compare the results of your background check against our license qualifying criteria to deter mine your eligibility. If you do not meet licensing eligibility standards you will be notified through the contact infor mation you provided. LFK will receive monthly updates, which will ensure all coaches and administrators are in good standing throughout the duration of their license. At any point the coach or administrator is found to be ineligible, their license becomes invalid. The following is a list of automatic and potential disqualifying items:

Automatic Disqualifiers An individual will be ineligible for LFK Certification if a background search reveals that such individual has been convicted of, received a deferred sentence or adjudication for, or pled guilty or no contest at any time, or faces a pending charge,
for any of the following:

  • (a) Any felony
  • (b) Any misdemeanor Involving Violence against a person* Animal abuse

*NOTE: Period of ineligibility calculated based on offense disposition date.



Even though it is LFK’S intent for every Franchisee to complete the Pride Development Training, in the spirit of good sportsmanship we have provided three refund scenarios to protect the confidentiality of our program as well our applicants.


If the franchisee is not approved for any reason in level one of the qualifying process they are eligible for a 100% refund of the franchise fee. However, the third party background screening fee paid to Verified Volunteers is non-refundable.


Once in Level 2 of the qualifying process, if the franchisee is unable or unwilling to complete the training within 90 days, LFK may terminate the Franchise Agreement. If LFK must terminate the agreement at this stage, the franchisee will be refunded fifty percent (50%) of the Initial Franchise Fee.


Once the franchisee as completed the training and be given full access to the PRIDELINK platform, No refunds will be accommodated for any reason.


As an option, you may elect to hire or sponsor an Associate Coach. An Associate Coach who is hired or sponsored by an LFK Franchisee must pay an Associate Fee of ninety nine dollars ($99.00), plus an additional $15 per month charged to the franchisee. If you elect to sponsor or hire your first Associate Coach, within one-hundred twenty (120) days of the Effective Date of your Agreement, LFK will waive the Associate Coach Fee ($99.00) as well as the the $15/mthly fee for your first Associate Coach. All fees apply thereafter.


The Associate Coach (AC) registration fee is NON-Refundable. If your associate coach fails to complete the AC training for any reason, the franchisee is not eligible for a refund.


LFK wants to also reward our Franchisee partners for assisting in our growth. Under our Pride Performance Referral Program, we will pay you $200.00 for referring each approved new franchise candidate(s). The new franchise candidate(s) must complete and pass an FBI background check and the Pride Development Training Program. A new Franchise Agreement must be executed and the then current Franchise Fee paid prior to the Initial Franchise Fee reimbursement being issued. LFK reserves the right to discontinue the referral program at any time.