Your Lionheart Fitness Kids Franchise includes:

  • Your own personal webpage to promote your business through Pridelink
  • FREE Training for one additional Coach to help you build your Franchise
  • Huge discounts and FREE shipping on all your sports equipment
  • Access to Lionheart Partnerships
  • Access to online training videos and manuals to help you become the best coach ever!
  • Pridelink “Coaching Business in a Box”. Use our proven techniques to build your business
  • Listing on Lionheart public platform, so parents and facilities can find you easily
  • Access to state of the art technology to run your business. Your Lionheart PRIDELINK platform does it all!: Client management system, CRM, accounting system, customer online registration system and many more amazing features to help build a successful business
  • Be your own boss and make a great income helping kids!
Absolutely! Just a few of the places where Lionheart coaches are in high demand include, preschools, fitness centers, churches, country clubs, parks, birthday parties, and so much more! There are over 24 million children under the age of 6 in the United States, and parents are always looking for fun activities for their kids to participate in. Just ask your friends and family how hard it is to find a great sports program for their young kids. They’ll even help you get your business started!
The Lionheart franchise fee is only $989!!! That’s right folks! Hard to believe right!? Lionheart is committed to putting the right people in business for as little as possible. Successful, great coaches = Happy, great kids!
You must be 21 years of age and be able to pass a criminal background check…….and of course have a passion for helping kids! If you meet those three requirements, we would be excited to have you join us!
Yes. All Lionheart Fitness Kids franchisees are required to pay a $89 monthly enterprise fee to maintain your franchise. (First 60 days Free) You are also required to carry personal liability insurance, and buy the necessary equipment to teach your first sport. All of which can purchased through our partners found on the PRIDELINK platform.
Your monthly enterprise fee includes access to Pridelink; our sales and customer relations management system. You can also manage your classes, print flyers, postcards, and awards certificates through the site as well. You will have access to the training videos and manuals for all sports that you are certified in, and you can also sign up and get certified for additional sports, so you can offer even more classes to your families.

As a Lionheart Fitness Kids Certified Coach you are required to carry personal liability insurance. If you already have your own insurance, you simply need to provide us proof of current insurance. If you do not have insurance yet, you can purchase it through Lionheart Fitness Kids. For more information about the LFK policy visit http://www.lhcoachinsurance.com. The cost extremely affordable.

We have spared no effort to make our franchise offer, easily the best opportunity on the market! We want to put young entrepreneurs in business for as little money possible, while giving them the greatest earning potential! We believe we have accomplished this, and then some! To make it easy for you, we have outlined the step by step process to become a Lionheart Franchisee. Check it out!

  • Go to the “Become A Franchisee” page and select the state you wish to operate your business in. If we are offering franchise opportunities in your state, you must then fill out a brief application to determine eligibility. You will be notified immediately if you qualify to proceed……and don’t worry we have made the approval criteria very simple. We want to give this opportunity to everyone! Start your new life today and take this first step!
  • If approved, you will be emailed a digital copy of the Lionheart Franchise Disclosure Document. (FDD) This is a very important legal document with pertinent information about the business opportunity Lionheart is offering. The FTC requires potential franchisees to wait 14 days before purchasing a franchise. Please read the FDD carefully. When you first receive our FDD you must e-sign the signature pages to confirm receipt of the document. Note: This is only to confirm that you have received the FDD, you are not entering into a franchise agreement at this time. We will send you a reminder email in 14 days when you are permitted to purchase your franchise.
  • Sign the FDD & Create an account: Once the 14 day review period has passed you will receive an email with a link to pay for your franchise. Once you have signed the agreement and completed your payment, you must immediately create your account. In most cases we will accept an electronically signed copy of the FDD, but depending on which state you live in, you may be required to print out, and mail us a signed copy of the document to the address provided. In either case you will be instructed as to which option must be followed.
  • Your New Lionheart profile: Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming an LFK franchisee! Now that you have created your account, simply follow the step by step process we have laid out for you to follow. You are on your road to success! It doesn’t get any easier folks!
    1. Step 1. Take our prequalifying personality test: This test is used to determine your eligibility in becoming a Lionheart franchisee.
    2. Step 2. Upload your intro video: Record a two-minute video introducing yourself to us. We have provided some questions we would like you to answer on camera. Be yourself and show us your passion for helping kids!
    3. Step 3. Pass our background check: To qualify to be a Lionheart franchisee you must pass a national background check through our partners at verified volunteers. Screening can take up to 7-10 business days to process, so get started right away!
    4. Step 4. Await first phase approval: Once you have completed the above steps you will be notified within 10 days whether you qualify to be a Lionheart franchisee. If approved, you will be sent an approval message and your account will automatically be upgraded to level 2 status. Now you will be granted access to your LFK training courses and you can begin your training!
    5. Step 5. Start your Training! Don’t waste time! Start your coursework right away. The sooner you complete your training, the sooner you can start making money! Once you have completed your training there are only a few more steps to becoming a fully certified franchisee. These steps are:
      1. 1. Purchase at least one sports equipment package that you will use to run your first class. On average, sports packages are only about $100 bucks each!
      2. 2. Purchase your Coaching Liability Insurance through our partners at Philadelphia insurance.
      3. 3. 5 Volunteer Classes: Now it’s time to put your training to the test. Franchisees are required to perform 5, 30 minute volunteer classes at a local childcare facility. This will help you master your craft as well as help you make great connections in your community that could possibly lead to future business…..not to mention you’ll be helping kids that may not be able to afford a sports class. Volunteer classes can be performed at: preschools, community centers, rec centers or any non’ profit youth organization such as The Boy’s & Girls Club or the YMCA. All of these organizations welcome qualified volunteers.
      4. 4. Finally, Upload a Video of yourself performing a complete set of warm-ups, as well as two sports drills from your Coursework. These videos should be filmed while doing your volunteer hours.
    6. Step 6. Once all of these steps have been completed the system will automatically upgrade your account to full access! You are now a Lionheart Fitness Kids franchisee! Now you post classes, search our facilities database, reserve accounts and sooo much more! You now have complete access to the amazing Pridelink platform!! It will blow you away!

Note: If you reside in a “Deferred payment state” and have not paid your franchisee fee yet, you will be required to complete this payment immediately before becoming an LFK franchisee.

Your initial certification includes four sports! Baseball, Soccer, Track & Field, and Basketball.
Lionheart Fitness Kids offers additional online certifications for $149. You can get certified in Flag Football, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Dance, and Martial Arts, Summer Camp, and Special Needs. (Note: Not all certifications are currently available)
No! Lionheart Fitness Kids Certified Coaches do not have a specific territory. You are free to offer classes wherever you like!
The certification process requires that you complete our extensive coursework and pass an online exam. It will take you about 14 hours to go through all the material covered in the online exam. You can do this all in one day, or over several weeks, depending on your schedule. Each section is broken into 14 different chapters to make it easier for you. Once you have passed your online training, you are ready to get started as soon as your confirmation of passing the onsite training arrives!
If an applicant fails the background check he/she will be issued a refund of the certification fee paid, minus the cost of the background check and a $15 administration fee. Once the background check has been passed, the participant can request a refund if he/she has not taken the online exam and is more than 18 days away from the scheduled onsite training -minus the cost of the background check and a $49 administration fee. If the applicant cancels inside 18 days of the scheduled onsite training, he/she will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.
I’m glad you asked! Click HERE for a full copy of the Lionheart Fitness Kids Certification Licensing Agreement.

After you have successfully completed your training there are only a couple things you need to take care of before you can teach your first class:

  • Purchase Insurance
  • Buy the equipment package necessary to teach your first sport.
  • Complete 5 hrs volunteer at a local childcare facility
  • Upload a video of yourself doing a full set of warm-ups and two drills from your manual. (This video/videos should be shot while doing your volunteer hours

And that’s it! It really is that simple! you are ready to begin your classes!

You can purchase your equipment anywhere, but why not get it from Lionheart Fitness Kids? You can purchase LFK branded equipment from our website at hugely discounted prices, and the shipping is always free!
Yes. You are required to wear Lionheart branded apparel to teach classes. (At the very least a LFK T-shirt) Remember, you are building a business and a brand, and you want to look like a professional. You can buy additional t-shirts and other apparel at the LFK shop on our website.
Yes, you can place your membership on hold for up to six months in a three year period, for $15 per month. If your license is on hold, you cannot teach classes and your profile does not show on the public site.
Through our Pridelink crm and database, you can find the contact information for all the schools in your area. We also offer a public database where parents or facility directors can find you when searching for coaches in your area. You will always have access to our Business in a Box tools which help you track your leads, manage your classes, and follow up with your customers. Everything you need to start, manage, and grow your business can be found in Pridelink, which is all included with your paid monthly enterprise fee!
We’re always here to help! We want to make sure you are successful, so feel free to contact us at any time!