Let us bring the Party to you! Our coaches will bring all the necessary equipment to entertain guests for two hours. We will come to a park location near you or even your residence, providing there is adequate space for the sports activities.

We play a variety of action packed, fun and exciting games such as, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Flag football, Capture the Flag, Stuck in the Mud, Catch the Kangaroo, Tug of War and Sack Races, just to name a few. The birthday child is the champ for the day and always is the captain of his/her team. At the end of the party we present the birthday child with an award for his special day. Our parties are very popular! Just sit back, relax and let us entertain your guests.


10 KIDS OR LESS – 1 Coach Required = $350
11-29 KIDS - 2 Coaches Required = $400
30 KIDS PLUS – 3 Coaches Required = $500


Because our parties are such high energy, the pacing of the party is important so that the kids don’t get tuckered out. The following structure is one that works very well:

  • 45 MINS – MULTIPLE GAMES (water or juice break between each game)
  • 45 MINS – MULTIPLE GAMES (water or juice break between each game)
  • END OF PARTY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG & CAKE – The Coaches will lead the entire group in a birthday song and then present the birthday child with a Special certificate and a ribbon from Lionheart.

* Please let us know if you would like to focus on one or two particular sports more than others.

To get started send us a message and let the games begin!

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