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Through our partnership with the YMCA Of America, The Lionheart Love Project is committed to providing free sports enrichment classes to children in underserved communities. 100% of your donation will go toward providing free Lionheart classes to children in need. With a little love, together we can change the world!

In addition to the physical component of our classes, in each session, Lionheart coaches concentrate on one particular focus of the Lionheart 12 Pillars of Sportsmanship. during each practice, coaches incorporate the monthly focus into all of the games. These values are the cornerstone of the Lionheart program. Under these 12 pillars, (Confidence, Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, The Power of Words, Determination, Positive Thinking, Gratefulness, Loyalty, Honesty, Leadership, Generosity) a Lionheart student will learn that a true athlete is someone who is kind and has respect for themselves as well as their peers.

We believe that teaching these values from a young age is equally, if not more important than the physical component of a Lionheart class and the results we see daily are truly remarkable.