How It Works

The Future of Kids’ Fitness

Lionheart will provide you or your center with a virtual coach who, once a week, will run the kids through dynamic aerobic based workouts using sport specific plyometric activities

Workouts are designed to build coordination , balance and strength as well as develop strong character.

Classes can be delivered through a smartboard, laptop or tablet in the classroom. No sports equipment required, simply click on the app at your scheduled time and your coach will be there ready to go!

No additional staffing required, no more juggling enrichment schedules. Fit classes into your school’s daily schedule at YOUR convenience

100% hassle free, consistent, world class enrichment at the click of button. It truly does not get any easier! TRY IT ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR 30 DAYS!

Complete 12 Months


Our unique 12-month curriculum is designed to keep the kids engaged year around while constantly learning new skills. A full month is dedicated to one aerobic based, sport specific curriculum before moving onto the next. This gives the kids the opportunity to more thoroughly develop their skills. When it is time to move onto the next sport the kids have a new sport to look forward to and a brand-new set of skills to master!

We develop strength, motor skills, coordination, balance and social skills. Another important cornerstone of our program is our Character Development curriculum. Each month coaches will focus on a different core value for the entire month. Values such as Honesty, Courage, Responsibility, and the Power of Words, just to name a few. Our goal is to develop confident, caring people, not just great athletes.

  • During the PANDEMIC we provided thousands of kids across the nation with live stream fitness classes; the response was undeniable! Hundreds of emails flooded our inbox from parents telling us how much their kids loved the online format and how grateful they were to have these activities for their kiddos

  • This proved our theory that a virtual coach could be just as effective as our traditional enrichment format.

  • We had already been developing the virtual concept for years and were prepared to answer the call during this critical time.

How “Live” Was Created

Lionheart live

Program was born out of necessity

During the Covid - 19 pandemic.

What Our


The Future of Fitness!

"Some of the best lessons I have learned were through great coaches. They were life lessons-not just game strategies or tactics. Lionheart Fitness Kids provides these very valuable moments and memories, and from some of the most inspiring coaches I have ever met."

Scottie Pipen - Nba Hall Of Fame Athlete